DJ SNAKE Becomes The Global Face Of PUMA's Mirage Tech - Men's Essential

After Neymar and Booba, it is the turn of the essential DJ, French composer and producer DJ SNAKE, whose real name is William Grigahcine, to join the PUMA team.

With this new contract signed with the supposed new companion of Selena Gomez, PUMA has achieved a new coup in the fierce competition, in terms of image, with its competitors.

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The unmissable star of international electronic music has thus become the world face of the German equipment manufacturer's new sneaker franchise: the Mirage, known for its light stability and incomparable comfort since the 1990s, the decade of its creation., is back here.For this eagerly awaited comeback, the Mirage has been brought up to date with an urban style, while taking inspiration from the world of DJs and electronic dance music (EDM).

“I'm a fan of sneaker fashion and culture, being able to join the PUMA family is a tremendous achievement, and I know my closet will be enriched with a few new things,” said DJ SNAKE.“As a sneakerhead I have always followed PUMA's releases, some of which are featured in my videos and my performances.With this new partnership, I will be supporting the Mirage franchise, bringing a new perspective to one of my favorite silhouettes ”.

The retro-futuristic silhouette is adorned, on this occasion, with different textures and clean lines in colors largely inspired by the luminous lasers found in the nightlife.“Like Mirage, DJ culture has gained in the 1970s.Sneakers and music have always been vehicles of youth culture, so who better to be the face of the Mirage than DJ SNAKE? ”, commented on the subject Heiko Desens, global director of the design and innovation at PUMA.

Posted Date: 2021-03-19

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