If you are at your first dj mixes, you are probably using “beginner’s DJ equipment”.

Or maybe you’re just looking at the best before making your choice.

The choice is difficult with the large number of references. There is something for every taste, and above all for every price and quality. Between brands, features, sound quality and reliability, how can you avoid making a bad purchase?

In general, the purchase of beginner DJ equipment is based on the price/usefulness ratio which will be favoured, as often beginner DJ equipment is not used for very long. Either it becomes an object of decoration, or it has reached its limits and you need equipment that follows the evolution of the DJ.

The Idea

Getting an idea before you buy is the fairest way to make a good choice. To know if you’re really going to like the DJ mix.

The best thing is to try it with someone you know, so you have time to practice a little. There are many different configurations of beginner DJ equipment and they are first of all related to price!

The price of DJ equipment is high, so be careful before you buy, you can also opt for a second-hand DJ controller if you don’t want to go broke. The risk is to get equipment that doesn’t give you the DJ feel and quickly give up.

How to choose?

As with all equipment, there’s good and then there’s disposable, really. So how to choose a good beginner’s DJ equipment ?

The DJ equipment will depend on your choice to use your computer or not (I consider that by reading this you have one).

What makes one less purchase is to be made since you already own a computer.

Because using a computer plus controller is the cheapest solution. Everything goes into the computer and the controller controls the software.

The new prices are very affordable for DJ equipment, if you stay with beginner DJ equipment, because there are high-end controllers available or the prices are not beginner’s prices for that matter.

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