[Offseason] War Room - Cincinnati Bengals: recovering franchise

Cincinnati Bengals War Room

Rehabilitation of Joe Burrow, departure of executives, transformation of the defense, the Bengals are in the middle of their reconstruction.


The 2020 season has just ended, and from March 17, the 2021 campaign will open its doors.Touchdown Actu is taking the opportunity to offer you an overview of the various franchises during the offseason.Which players to keep and which to cut? Which free agent to extend? Which recruits to observe? Here are a few ideas, franchise by franchise.Today, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Second year in the Zac Taylor era in Cincinnati, and second year in the Abyss for the Ohio Tigers.The Bengals end the season fifth in draft pick after inheriting the first selection in the year past.

Their record of 4 wins, 11 losses and 1 draw is even flattering when we remember the two miraculous victories in week 15 and 16 which inflated the record at a time when everything was already played.effect that to push back the franchise which was then fighting for the third place of the university selections.

Because the Tigers have suffered hard again in 2020.29th attack (27th in the air, 24th on the ground) and 26th defense (19th against the pass, 29th against the run) of the league, everything was written when Joe Mixon then Joe Burrow fell injury.Deprived of its two offensive pillars, Cincinnati slowly sank over the season, and the two reactions of pride at the end of the campaign hardly hide the gaping holes in the workforce.The franchise is in rehabilitation, at the image of his quarterback's knee.

Posted Date: 2021-02-16

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